Friday, June 4, 2010

Classes, Pottery Tools and Clay at Brookside Pottery Tulsa, Summer hours

Fellow Potters and wanna be potters in the Tulsa Area!

I am teaching in the Upward Bound program at Rogers State this summer.  This will affect my studio hours.  I want to be as helpful to people needing pottery, class and supplies and it is going to take a little more time co-ordination.

There is no air-conditioning in the shop so it is warming up in the afternoons as well and we need to "go with the flow."  Mother Nature rules!

So here is the plan and we will see if it works!
Tues-Fri 4-7
most Saturdays 10ish-4 or so
and by appointment
If these hours don't work, I will repost on this blog.

This really is alternative shopping from the artists studio.  I am certainly no Walmart.  So many new customers come in and say "Oh, this is not what I expected." as they look for a gallery setting or a big shop full of supplies.  It is a personal shopping experience and most people enjoy it when they realize it is more like the good old days.  I throw open the doors, turn on lots of fans, turn up the music and make stuff, good stuff.  And, I get to know my customers and give them the best service possible.

I sell many kinds of clay, lots of tools, kilns, brushes etc.  If I don't have it I order it for you.
And I teach classes in the shop, Rogers State and the Philbrook.
I also tutor and do parties and get togethers.

So, call before you come so you won't waste a trip.  Work is 918 747-7574 and my cell is on the machine if I am not there.

And, thanks for supporting your local potter.