Monday, September 28, 2015

Pottery Classes in Tulsa Oklahoma, Update

Pottery Classes  update for 2015

Beginners-All about hand building- Wednesday afternoons from 3:30-6pm, $25 plus materials.  Learn pinching, coiling, slab building, hollowing out in various forms of pottery and sculpture plus glazing techniques. Limited to 8 students.  Starts to be announced. Please call or text to make sure the class is meeting that day.

Beginningand Advanced Handbuilding Pottery Class-Wednesday nights. 6:30-9. $25 each night. Plus materials and firing.  Monthly sign up. On going. Use my shop to create and I will be glad to help you advance your techniques. A Demo or talk every week and then play. Limited to 8 students.  Ongoing class. Very active and full class. Please call to make sure there is space available.

Tuesday class will not be meeting until after the holidays. It may resume in the early spring.

Tutoring on wheel available. $45 per hour. 30 min of one-on-one  help and 30 minutes to work. By appointment

Small parties and get together for groups of 4 more. Info available. BYOB and have fun. $50 per person, materials included

Date Night by appointment. Get to know each other while working on a clay project. Champagne suggested.  $50 per person, per evening, materials included.  May need to return to glaze with 2nd date unless we plan otherwise. 

Scout groups, church groups and home school students by appt.  $25 per hour per person, minimum 4 persons or $50 per person per hour, materials included

Traveling Pottery Teacher… Got the space and I’ll come to you in your studio and show you how to fire your kiln, tutor and help you get started or do a home party. $100 per hour plus travel. By appointment.

Lectures by appointment. Call for details and availability. 

For more info
Linda Rimstidt Coward
Brookside Pottery Downtown
415 S. Boston Ave Suite 105
Tulsa OK  74103
918 697-6364
or find me on FB and send me a message at Linda Rimstidt Coward

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