Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Linda Rimstidt Coward @ Brookside Pottery Downtown, Gallery, Studio and Classes

Poppy Pot from my recent interpretation of an Italian trip last summer.
After a long time of writing no posts on this blog. I think it is time to check in. What happened? Facebook happened and took all my time reaching thousands of people instantly local and around the world.  Find me on face book under Linda Rimstidt Coward and you can see my latest work and catch up with what's happening in my art world.  Just tell me you found me on my blog in a message.

Updates on information as of August 2013

I am still here and working in my beautiful studio in the Atlas Life Building Downtown. It is a great place to be.  I create pottery, painting and sculpture there on the first floor with the Marriott Hotel right above me and the press club and the Atlas Grill on the first floor as well. My hours are 11 ish till 2:30, Monday through Thursday and Friday 11ish till 3. In and out on weekends.  And will be glad to meet by appointment.

Yes, I still teach classes on Wednesday nights but the classes are very small, on going and there is usually a waiting list. It meets from 7-9:30 most Wednesdays. I do little get togethers for friends and parties and dates by appointment.  It can be quite romantic in the Atlas downtown.

Yes, I still sell tools, clay and glazes but the shop is smaller and I don't keep as much in stock as I used to. I have access to all materials for customers but with online opportunities, the competition is now online more than ever. If you need a few tools, a little clay and glaze, I'm the place for you.  If you need big quantity, the big guys are for you.

I also teach 3 college level classes at RSU,  2 foundations 2 classes (intro to 3D) and pottery 1 and 2.  Contact the Art Dept at the college or look online for more info on that.

I will not be available by phone from Aug 27-September 12, 2013 because I'll be in Italy on a painting excursion with 3 other artists.  Please don't call, text or leave a voicemail during that time. You can leave a message on my old shop phone 918 747-7547.  But please don't call my cell during that time. That number starts with 697. I will be happy to take your calls when I return.

So there we have it. The update.  Thanks for your patience.  Come visit me in the Atlas Bldg Downtown.  415 South Boston Ave, Tulsa OK 74103

And thanks for supporting your local artist.