Thursday, August 14, 2014

More Info on Pottery Class, Tutoring, HomeSchool. Church Groups and Small Get togethers in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Pottery Classes  info Fall 2014

Beginners-All about hand building- Tuesday nights 6:30-9  $150 for 6 weeks plus materials. $50 deposit.  $75- deposit due first night, $75 due 4th week.  Learn pinching, coiling, slab building, hollowing out in various forms of pottery and sculpture plus glazing techniques. Limited to 8 students.  Starts to be announced.

Intermediate-Advanced Open Studio-Wednesday nights. 6:30-9. $25 each night. Plus materials and firing.  Monthly sign up. On going. Use my shop to create and I will be glad to help you advance your techniques. A Demo or talk every week and then play. Limited to 8 students.  Ongoing class.

Tutoring on wheel available. $35 per hour. 30 min of one-on-one  help and 30 minutes to work. By appointment

Small parties and get together for groups of 4 more. Info available. BYOB and have fun. $50 per person, materials included

Date Night by appointment. Get to know each other while working on a clay project. Champagne suggested.  $50 per person materials included

Scout groups, church groups and home school students by appt.  $25 per hour per person, minimum 4 persons or $50 per person per hour, materials included

Traveling Pottery Teacher… Got the space and I’ll come to you in your studio and show you how to fire your kiln, tutor and help you get started or do a home party. $50 per hour plus travel. By appointment.

For more info
Linda Rimstidt Coward
Brookside Pottery Downtown
415 S. Boston Ave Suite 105
Tulsa OK  74103
918 697-6364
or find me on FB and send me a message at Linda Rimstidt Coward

LindaCowardPottery.blogspot. com

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Brookside Pottery Downtown Tulsa offers Tutoring, Consulting and Classes

Need extra pottery help and info but don't want a full blown pottery class? By appointment i will tutor throwing or hand building by they hour. $35 plus materials in my shop. And I do consultations for $35 a half hour. Just send me your questions in advance and I'll share my knowledge with you in a meeting in my studio or by email, your choice. I will come to your studio and show you techniques or how to fire and load your kiln etc, price on request. No I don't paint houses or fix roofs. Lots of people seem to need this and I can help professionally Message me or email me for more info. Yes, will travel to exotic

I have a regular ongoing pottery class, similar to open workshop with experienced students,  on Wed nights from 6:30-9. Fee $25 a class plus materials and firing.

  I will be starting a beginning 6 week Hand building pottery class on Tuesday nights, August 26 '14.  6:30-9, $25 plus materials and firing.  Class size is limited and you gets lots of special attention. We learn the basic techniques of hand building including pinch, coil slab and hollowing out.  An introduction to glazing is also included. Class size is 6-8 persons. Advance registration is necessary and a deposit of $75.

Yes, I also offer small birthday parties, church and  scout groups. home school classes and friends get togethers. Info on request  

I am located in the Atlas Life Building in the heart of the Deco District in Tulsa.  
415 S. Boston Ave suite 105
Tulsa OK 74103

918 697-6364

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Linda Rimstidt Coward @ Brookside Pottery Downtown, Gallery, Studio and Classes

Poppy Pot from my recent interpretation of an Italian trip last summer.
After a long time of writing no posts on this blog. I think it is time to check in. What happened? Facebook happened and took all my time reaching thousands of people instantly local and around the world.  Find me on face book under Linda Rimstidt Coward and you can see my latest work and catch up with what's happening in my art world.  Just tell me you found me on my blog in a message.

Updates on information as of August 2013

I am still here and working in my beautiful studio in the Atlas Life Building Downtown. It is a great place to be.  I create pottery, painting and sculpture there on the first floor with the Marriott Hotel right above me and the press club and the Atlas Grill on the first floor as well. My hours are 11 ish till 2:30, Monday through Thursday and Friday 11ish till 3. In and out on weekends.  And will be glad to meet by appointment.

Yes, I still teach classes on Wednesday nights but the classes are very small, on going and there is usually a waiting list. It meets from 7-9:30 most Wednesdays. I do little get togethers for friends and parties and dates by appointment.  It can be quite romantic in the Atlas downtown.

Yes, I still sell tools, clay and glazes but the shop is smaller and I don't keep as much in stock as I used to. I have access to all materials for customers but with online opportunities, the competition is now online more than ever. If you need a few tools, a little clay and glaze, I'm the place for you.  If you need big quantity, the big guys are for you.

I also teach 3 college level classes at RSU,  2 foundations 2 classes (intro to 3D) and pottery 1 and 2.  Contact the Art Dept at the college or look online for more info on that.

I will not be available by phone from Aug 27-September 12, 2013 because I'll be in Italy on a painting excursion with 3 other artists.  Please don't call, text or leave a voicemail during that time. You can leave a message on my old shop phone 918 747-7547.  But please don't call my cell during that time. That number starts with 697. I will be happy to take your calls when I return.

So there we have it. The update.  Thanks for your patience.  Come visit me in the Atlas Bldg Downtown.  415 South Boston Ave, Tulsa OK 74103

And thanks for supporting your local artist.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

New and Exciting Times for Brookside Pottery

I can't believe it! Brookside Pottery has moved downtown to the Atlas Building in Tulsa.

I still have the location in Brookside but it has become as it started, the studio for kilns, clay, tools and larger classes during the fair weather months.

Change has happened again. And this is a fine change.  My space is lovely and located on Boston between 4th and 5th street on the first floor of the historical Atlaas Building in the Deco district of downtown.  I love it.

The front area includes a gallery of my pots and a few chosen friends paintings and sculptures.  The back are is a production studio area.  I will also tutor and teach very small numbers of people.

My minimum hours are Mon-Fri from 10:30-2;30 and Most Saturdays. Closed Sundays.  These hours are still in transition and I find myself working until about 7-8 every evening so far as I watch the traffic flow.

This is wonderful. I love the building and I love being there. It is a new day!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Feather kind of day.

Sometimes a day will choose a theme for itself and if you listen for the clues when this is happening it is wonderful. We have a new hummingbird feeder out our window after seeing the little guys buzzing around a yard. it was no time until they discovered it. We have been watching an array of birds feeding on the suet every day and night out our dining room window. That is all fantastic and predictable. Offer it and they will come.

But today there is more. After long nights of playing hard and long days of working hard, I find myself soaking in my hot tub nearly every morning and sometimes every night as well. It is a way to meditate, decompress and be ready for what the new day might offer. To take time to hear the birds every morning and watch them find their food, play in the pond and watch us from the electrical lines is a pleasure.

This morning I woke to a wonderful poem about blackbirds by Wallace Stevens posted by a friend and a very interesting wall sculpture of a black crow appeared to share as well. I was ready to listen to the day.

On the way to the hot tub I noticed a small beautiful blue jay on the table on my deck. I picked it up and studied it looking at the shiny blue and gray feathers. I thought about the source.

Next, sitting in the water I saw a very small feather land on top of the water.  It floated with the grace of a lovely sail boat on the sea.  Delicate and strong at the same time. Not sinking. "Walking on water" in a way. It drifted a bit in the breeze. It never over-reacted. Its core was strong and it supported all the delicate softness of the feather. It glistened. In a way it looked like a sailboat. In another way it imitated the shape of the original bird perhaps. And the risks. My husband said it could be full of mites you know.  I did not remove it. How many I thought? It is so small. I watched it floating a moving a bit longer wondering what else I could learn from this moment, from this small light weight object that had the ability to fly and to float, never being sucked into the water with no air and no light.

Finally, with hesitation I removed it from the tub, it clung to my fingers and I let it go. Letting go.

Mother Nature gives us clues on how to live the good life, if we listen.

Later, John told me there is a new book out about feathers he saw reference to in the New York Review of books. I suppose I will have to find it. We are so apart of our times. We have a mass kind of thinking and cannot escape our time and how we think and respond. I suppose this is how history and cycles happen. We reflect our culture and our time.

So, today, after I go to my studio will be a wonderful time to make birds. Bird people perhaps. Maybe I will make a few bird baths, fountains and bird feeders as well. Feel it, live it, enjoy it. Soak in the moment.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tourist Buses Chapter 2

A few mugs I made while in Hawaii

My desk at the City of Refuge looking toward Japan.
After my religious dose, I headed south and stopped at a coffee farm and museum.  The place was packed with people from a tour bus.  They looked like your typical American tourist, lots of people with money burning a whole in their pocket as they searched for interesting things to buy for gifts for others.  The shop tempted them all with samples of fresh baked rum cake, coffees and teas. There were tee shirts, colognes, 99 cents shell necklaces that I was tempted by until I saw they were made in the Philippines.  I found mass produced coffee cups with decals for $12-$22 dollars.  They were nothing special, just old fashioned looking coffee cups like restaurants used to use. So much money and how would they spend it?  Money was burning holes in there hands.  I walked around noticing only one person came into the museum that explained how the history of the coffee plantations.  I sprayed my arm with jasmine Hawaiian perfume and continued to watch them shop.  What a shame, potters so close by with handmade pots and they preferred flavored coffees, cheap shell necklaces and tee shirts.  I went to the restroom, washed the cheap perfume off my arm and wondered how any potter ever makes a living.

Listening Chapter 3

Reflections in the ocean at the City of Refuge on the Big Island of Hawaii
You know we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  Funny thing for a potter to say.
We learn when we listen and you usually don’t learn a thing when you are talking unless you are evaluating recent knowledge.
    I was visiting Pu’Uhonua o Honaunau, a historical park today, commonly called the City of Refuge, and heard some interesting words from a demonstrating wood carver and park ranger named Tom De Aguiar.  A young man walked by with his golden retrievers unleashed and the ranger said,  “Hey, you gotta get the dogs on a leash.”  The young man ignored him and instead of going after him or yelling, he mumbled a little under his breath and did not look angry or at all irritated. 
He said, “There is a time to listen and there is a time to not listen.  The not listening person is the one not interested.  The one who is listening is learning their peace.  The other is not ready.”  Then he kept carving a hiking stick he was working on for a man getting ready to retire.  I do believe he is a good listener.
Earlier in the park I heard a loud and grabby lady, asking where is all the information, what should she be looking at?  Are there any organized tours?  Don’t they have another map like the one on display she can buy?  The lady was wearing out the lady park ranger and was hardly hearing any answers.  She was exhausting to listen to and had no idea the answers were right in front of her.  The maps were in a box, the information was neatly numbered to match the map and there was a park path to follow as well.  The lady ranger explained there would be an official tour later but the lady wandered off.  She had not listened even when she asked the loud questions in a nearly rude way.

The sea turtle is still protected on the grounds at the City of Refuge
We were on ancient royal grounds where they killed people like her for disobeying and not following  the rules.  
In this ancient ground of spiritual power, those who had broken the Kapu meaning they could not look at or get close to the chief, walk in the chiefs footsteps, touch the chiefs possessions, or let his (her) shadow fall on the ground, were punished.  Women could not eat the foods reserved for offerings for the gods; they could not prepare food for the men or eat with them.  When a kapu was broken the person was put to death.  If they did not punish the guilty then the gods would get them.  Thus, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions or earthquakes.
  So much for the lady asking questions unless she could make it to the Place of Refuge, another area in the park behind a large stone wall where everyone is or was given a second chance.  No blood could be shed there.  In those days, old people, sick, too young or defeated enemies could wait out battles thanks to the bones of dead kings being buried there.  Everyone was released and given another chance.  So what happened to that good idea?  And we are the civilized ones?
    Listening is important.  If you want to learn how to make art you need to listen and it is a good idea not to be grabbing information but take it with grace and give it time to jell.  If you cannot understand it you are not ready for it.
    No one should want to be a shallow expert.  It is good to keep your confidence but keep the gate of your mind open.
    When beginners come to my shop and I give them free information so the art will grow, I am amazed how many become experts immediately and start spouting off absolutes.  I am still a beginner and I started 35 or 40 years ago.  If I thought I new it all I would move on and try something new.