Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Potters like to Cook! It All fits the picture! Raspberry Salsa Recipe

Raspberry Salsa, spread it on anything you like! Crackers, apples, celery, cake, lips.

John and I have a TV date every Sunday night and we watch desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. Don't worry, we don't take TV seriously. I hardly ever watch TV. But this is our ritual. I go to Whole Foods and choose 3 special cheeses, cut some apple, add a few other good appetizers like stuffed grape leaves or maybe olives. And of course a good glass of wine. We kick back our shoes and stuff ourselves and laugh.

Pan roasted almonds with a touch of salt and raw sugar. Addictive addition!

Part of the ritual spread on the TV trays.

OK. So I have fallen off the weight watcher wagon again. Guilty. What can I say. I love to cook and I am a foodie. I will jump back on right after I try a few new recipes. Here is a great and simple one from Chips,Dips, & Salsas, by Judy Walker and Kim MacEachern.
If you are ever invited to a potter's pot luck etc. GO. We love to cook generally speaking. There is something about beautiful food and beautiful pottery. They go hand in hand.
Oops, I did not put this on one of my cheese plates. Mistake on my part on my pottery blog but oh well imagine it and next time I make it I will put it on a plate I made.

I made this recipe on Thanksgiving and it was so good I had to make it again. It is fresh and lovely and extra tasty. It is recommended over goat cheese. Having a picky veggie daughter I put it on pound cake for Thanksgiving. This time served it over goat cheese and also spread it on celery and apples to lower a few calories. And, I have been known to just reach in and snatch some out of the bowl in a spoon. No double dipping!

The Chambord, syrup and cinnamon make this dish. Don't worry about the chill time frame. It is good new or the next day. I think it would even be good on cardboard. Great! Easy.

Raspberry Salsa

6 ounces of raspberries, rinsed
1-11 ounce can of mandarin oranges, drained
1 tsp cinnamon
1 Tbs boysenberry syrup (I used blueberry)
dash of Chambord raspberrie liqueur (they say optional, I say do it)

Combine all ingredients in a pottery bowl made by mwhaw. Stir gently to combine. Chill for no more than one hour.
Stir and serve.
Makes about 2 cups.

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