Monday, April 20, 2015

Brookside Pottery Downtown, Tulsa Oklahoma...Gallery, Studio, Classes, Clay, Glazes, and Tools

Change and then after change, more change happens and its ok.

My old block on Peoria after 22 years of business and wondering when it would happen finally got bulldozed. Gone. Flat. It is a scraped clean lot now and waiting like a phoenix rising from the ashes and will become a Trader Joe's and a shopping center. Could be worse.  The property got very valuable.

I have survived. I moved 22 years of collected project idea supplies to my home as well as my clay supply and kilns.  I have a beautiful gallery/studio to work in downtown in the Atlas Life/Marriott hotel in the Deco district of Tulsa.

If you are looking for clay, glazes, tools, pottery or classes, I'm the place for you.  I continue to sell many kinds of clay and several cone 5/6 and low fire glazes as well, kemper tools, amaco, spectrum and lagoona glazes.  

I have classes for beginners and advanced in hand building (see earlier post for details) and host date nights and small get togethers. 

I work in my shop making new pots and painting on canvas, Monday-Friday and  I slip into the studio/gallery and secretly work getting things done on the weekend as well. I'm there a lot more than my hours indicate. 

So yes,  I have survived the move, hernia surgery and a few life changes.  Where there is a will, there is a way.

Come see me. If you want to be sure to not miss me. Call or text first at 918 697-6364.


  1. Good points you described here! But we should also remember that writing can't be mastered unless you have a talent. So if someone don't they should turn to specialists

  2. What snark! But, my dear KateBannet, if you want to be a critic of anyone else's writing, you might start by proofreading your own. Glass houses, dear...

    Linda, thank you for sharing such a lovely and personal essay.


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  4. The Kate comment looks like an add for students who need their papers written or improved. I guess it is spam. If not I'll just consider it a snarky comment and delete it. I had not seen this till now.
    I hope to have time to write on my blog soon. FB is so much faster and reaches my friends so quickly, I've mostly posted there for quite some time.
    An artist can only stand to be on the computer so many hours a day.
    And many thanks to you Shirley G. I appreciate the compliments.