Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fun Date nights making pottery in Tulsa Oklahoma

Brookside Pottery Downtown makes for a fun date!

We will get together and come up with a time that works for us all and make pots.  Ive been doing this for a while and it is really fun.  I love playing cupid.  Just call and I can answer questions about how this works. All you need is to bring each other and something to drink if you like. I provide the fun and instruction.

    First we pick a project and i show you how to make it. We play in the clay.  Then I'll take your picture, you and your pots, send it to you and you have to leave the pots at my shop to dry and be fired because it is the real thing.  We work from bags of clay, not pre made molded ceramics. 

 We can either do a hand made project or throw on the potters wheel, a unique experience and yes i will play the theme song from Ghosts by special request.

  Next you decide if you want to choose a color and I glaze for you or if you want to come back for a second date.  Or you can store your creative adventures and decide later after the first firing. 

 Real pottery has to be fired twice, once to remove the water and make it stone like and once to apply the glaze which is the layer of glass on the surface of the pottery.  

It is really fun and I love getting to know people who want to play with clay.  It makes a great first date and you can go next door at Tavola's for dinner later if you want a delicious and convenient place to eat or your choice.  I have also hosted Birthday party dates, anniversaries and you know number 9 has a pottery theme.  I'm flexible and spontaneous and we can make this happen.
The basic info for fee etc is listed below.

Date Night by appointment. Get to know each other while working on a clay project. Champagne suggested.  $50 per person, per evening, materials included.  May need to return to glaze with 2nd date unless we plan otherwise. 

Atlas Life Building Downtown/MarriottHotel
415 South Boston Ave, Suite 105
Tulsa, OK 74105

You can reach me by cell at 918 697-6364
or email at

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