Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trash to treasure, a pottery critique

Trash truck in Costa Rica. They have a universal smell.

My friend Joe came by the other day and told me a great story about an unusual art critic. The story went sort of like this:

Joe was working on a rectangular window box and asked the janitor cleaning the room what he thought about it.
"Needs a roof." said the man with the broom.

"But it is a planter and if I put a roof on it the plants cannot grow."

"I've seen lots of art like that. I know a lot about art."said the man sweeping.

"Oh yeah," said Joe. "How do you know? Where did you learn about art?"

Janitor, "I used to run a trash truck. And we found lots of stuff like that sitting on the curb. And lots of art like these pieces sitting around you too."

"Really?" said Joe.

"Oh yea, and all I had to do was pick it up and look at it and before long I could tell what was wrong with it and why it was sitting by the curb. Yes I saw a lot of stuff in the garbage , just like this sitting by the curb. Still think it needs a roof."

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