Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pottery Class, Tools, Clay and more at Brookside Pottery in Tulsa

This is it.  Reminds me of Taos in the 70's, dusty and real!  Come on in!
Yes.  We have it all.  Brookside Pottery is not your average shop or gallery.  It is an artists' studio where you can see it made, take class or buy supplies.  We have survived a tough economy being one of the last surviving art spots on my block. So now I am in a smaller spot in the alley behind my old shop on Peoria.  I have been making pots for nearly 40 years and my son Ian, continues the tradition.

Our hours more than we would like but that again is s survival technique.  We are not Walmart and we don't have employees and we have to have other jobs these days as well.  But, we live close by and remain flexible to get you what you need or help you find it.

I am teaching at Rogers State this fall.  The classes are throwing I and II. And, I am also teaching art appreciation.  I teach all day Mondays so you will have to call me cell to reach me.  And I teach art appreciation on Wed in Pryor from 12-1:15 and give me some time to get back to the shop.

Yes, its me wearing a golden egyptian mask for fun.
I am scheduled to teach an Egyptian Art Class at the Philbrook on Thursday nights starting Aug 19th at 6:30.  It will include mask making, boxes, bas relief, and Egyptian paste jewelry and more. See the Philbrook website under adult classes for more in on that one.

I also teach an ongoing Wed night class for beginners and above.  The class is a lot of fun and a bit informal. You can learn a lot and have a good time as well.
When I have enough students to start a new beginning class we will start one most likely on Tues nights. Just call and get your name on the waiting list.  6:30-9.  $150 plus material for 6 weeks.  Learn the basics.  This is a step by step class.

Naomi works on her horse during a tutoring session
Another way to learn is for me to tutor you in hand building or throwing.  If my regular schedule does not meet your needs or you want all my attention, this is the class for you. It is $25 per hour for hand building and $30 per hour for throwing.

Ian teaches some enthusiastic boys
I also help scout troops  earn their badges, host birthday parties and get togethers.  It is a one time $20 instruction fee and $25 per person.  To be arranged to fit our schedules.

Here are my attempted hours,   Tues, Thurs and Fri. 12-5
                                                   Wed.  3-5. class from 6:30-9 or so (during the fall semester)             
                                                    Open most Saturdays 10-4
                                                     Closed Sun and Mon
                                                     & open by appt as well

I know, it is difficult to remember but these days we have to have other jobs as well.  
If you are in a hurry or coming from a distance, call to be sure we are there.  We will do our best to be there when you need us. 

Come and visit and I think you will like our little shop hidden away in the alley.  You get lost of special attention and get to see the studio in action as well.

Linda's landscape vessels selected for Vision Makers 2010
Shop phone: (918) 747-7574, cell (918) 697-6364.


  1. Nice work Linda! I got my vision makers post card in the mail yesterday and was looking at their website, list of artists in Vision Makers and the list is impresive! Some of Tulsa's Best! Congrats! I like the pots above! Very Much!


  2. ha ha! just had to also say, my word verification to post comment was she o pyro... very fitting, don't you think?

  3. Indian pottery, like that made by the Tarahumara and Tigua Tribes, is a wonderful way to bring true southwestern style to your home decor. The rough clay is not only very durable but is also what gives the pottery that popular rustic look. The knowledge of pottery making has been taught to each generation and is still made the same way as it has been for centuries.

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