Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rogers State Art Appreciation class plays with the sit sat set in the garden idea

Pryor Oklahoma students get introduced to the idea that sometimes "Art is outside the frame."

Field next to campus

We gathered  a few objects needed for the project including an old lawn chair, landscape timbers to make a frame, flowers and umbrellas and started to play with the idea "Sometimes art is outside the frame.  We took turns composing different thoughts and ideas and tried some symbolic ideas to get our point across.  The flower represent tradition in paintings, we played the the umbrellas for spots of color and we jumped in and out of the frame for various reasons.  Given a little more time we could have made it rock and roll a little more.  Anyway we expanded our thought and began to understand a few unusual concepts in a very hands on way.
student volunteers to bring landscape timbers to build frame
The sit sat set idea involves a chair in a garden surrounded by something.

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  1. terrific job of taking the concept and exploring it. thanks for capturing the process.