Monday, May 9, 2011

Forward for Getting There written from the Big Island

I sit in a hotel room in Hawaii where I have finally isolated myself from the outside
 world to write this book.  I have wanted to write this for several years, have started it a few times panicked thinking maybe I did not know enough after all.  Now I have regained
 my confidence and I want to share what I
 know from my years as a potter, a sculptor,
 a wife and mother and a half way decent business person/artist/teacher.  I want to tell you how I have survived over 35 years in a fairly conservative community and stayed inspired and produced thousands of pots.
I found a way to do it and enjoy it and not
 ever give up.  Everyday I still wake with
 more ideas and creative energy.
I hope this book finds it way into the hands
 of others like me who just wanted to make
art and lots of it.  Communicating through
 art is one of the most rewarding parts of my life. So follow me on this journey about surviving and balancing life and making your
life rewarding everyday.
It is late at night, I sit in an old hotel listening to the rain hit the tin roof, thinking.  Cars pass on the wet two-lane road in the Kona area of Hawaii.  It has rained all day and everything is green and lush.  I am staying in a hotel started in 1927 by a Japanese family and it remains in that family.  It is a cheap clean room, spare with a bed a chair, dresser, lamp and desk
 with no chair.  I have stored my clothes in
 one half of the dresser and turned the other half into my pantry.  I don’t want to leave this side of the island until this book is nearly finished.  I must write it.  I feel compelled.  I look out the window and I see a gallery sign reading, Art Farm.”  Maybe that is where I am.  I am stuck writing next to an art farm.  Let it grow.

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