Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tourist Buses Chapter 2

A few mugs I made while in Hawaii

My desk at the City of Refuge looking toward Japan.
After my religious dose, I headed south and stopped at a coffee farm and museum.  The place was packed with people from a tour bus.  They looked like your typical American tourist, lots of people with money burning a whole in their pocket as they searched for interesting things to buy for gifts for others.  The shop tempted them all with samples of fresh baked rum cake, coffees and teas. There were tee shirts, colognes, 99 cents shell necklaces that I was tempted by until I saw they were made in the Philippines.  I found mass produced coffee cups with decals for $12-$22 dollars.  They were nothing special, just old fashioned looking coffee cups like restaurants used to use. So much money and how would they spend it?  Money was burning holes in there hands.  I walked around noticing only one person came into the museum that explained how the history of the coffee plantations.  I sprayed my arm with jasmine Hawaiian perfume and continued to watch them shop.  What a shame, potters so close by with handmade pots and they preferred flavored coffees, cheap shell necklaces and tee shirts.  I went to the restroom, washed the cheap perfume off my arm and wondered how any potter ever makes a living.

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  1. Thanks for the post.
    Here, a gallery in Paris, which has nice japanese art pieces:
    Yakimono Japanese Ceramics