Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fun Date Nights in Tulsa at Brookside Pottery Downtown

Hello Friends!
Yes! I get asked quite often if I am still holding date nights in my shop in the Atlas Life Building Downtown. Yes I am and we have a lot of fun.
The info is still the same as I posted a couple years ago.
If you want to reach me fast and easy find Brookside Pottery/Linda Coward on Facebook. As soon as I see your message, I'll respond.  Dates are day or night and by appointment. I can schedule in advance or fairly spontaneously.
Your date can be anyone. A typical date, a ninth or tenth anniversary. Any kind of friend and any age.  The shop can hold up to 4-6 people at a time but it usually a 2 person event and that way you get a lot of one on one attention.
It is a great way to see if you really like to work and clay.
You can also reach me by email at

I'll be happy to share this experience with you!  I'm located at 415 South Boston, Suite 105 right inside the door of the Atlas Life/Marriott Hotel building.

Want a fun date that creates fine memories? Come to my shop and I'll help you learn to throw on the wheel and then head for a fine restaurant downtown.  And if you are really celebrating something special,  book a night at the Marriott Hotel located directly above my shop. Yep, it's fun and it's special.
Linda Coward

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