Monday, December 24, 2018

Fun Date Night, Making Pottery on the Wheel with a little help, Downtown Tulsa!

Hi friends!
Do you still have someone difficult to buy for? They don’t want stuff but they  like experiences?  This may be the gift for them! Just give them a card and make note as a gift certificate and let me know. You pay when they have made an appointment and it happens. Just message me so I know what’s up. ❤️. Hoping this helps someone who needs a nice gift!
If you are looking for a fun gift of experiences, here it is. This is how my date nights work. You can have a date with anyone. A love interest, a friend or a little person who loves art. Basically anyone who wants to play in clay and wants one in one attention will love it.

Date Nights, Ninth Anniversaries and Fun Get Togethers at Brookside Pottery Downtown
Date nights, get togethers and fun experiences in pottery at Brookside Pottery Downtown

Yes its fun. Life is all about experiences and I can make a clay date happen for lovers, friends and or family. Yes, I still do this and enjoy it immensely.
This makes a great gift any time of the year.  You can bring your own alcohol to share while you work and I'll show you how to either throw on the potters wheel. yes just like on Ghosts, kinda, lol or we can hand build a vase, bowl or clay mask.

The experience takes about an hour and a half and there are several restaurants nearby if you want to  go out for a special meal afterwards. We set this up by appointment and as long as I'm available, I can make it happen at a mutually agreed time.  I am spontaneous so if this is a last minute plan lots of times it still works out.

Basically it is $50 per person to come make your creations and that includes materials and tools to use.  You have to leave the pieces with me to dry and be fired in the kiln.  Then you choose.  Do you want another date at half price, $25 each to glaze or do you want me to glaze it for you at $15 each or do you want to just come pick up your work and hang on to it and decide later. Its all fine.

If you want to have this fun opportunity you need no prior experience but if you have some, that is fine as well. Message me on fb or email me at

We can make it happen.”

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