Monday, September 14, 2009

It Is What It Is or Is It?

I was walking in a light fall rain this morning trying to do what I need to do and I saw a friend in the neighborhood getting in her snazzy car. The friend was Mrs. Bartholmew, or the Eliot Librarian, substitute or whatever they need next at Eliot Elementary. I don't know her well but I have known her since my 19 year old daughter started kindergarten at Eliot. She was "Uncle Zeb's" wife and while I was away this summer I heard he died. In case you are not from Tulsa, I must tel you he was a local TV star with a long lasting kids program. Everyone knew Uncle Zeb. I watched her from a distance, moving quickly with energy, get in her car and drive away. "It is what it is." He died. She misses him and now she is finding her way without him. I could not really tell how she is doing. I hope she is fine now, enjoying her new life and appreciating their many years together. Her body language suggested an upbeat day but it was lightly raining encouraging quick energetic movement as well.

With my biggest life change recently, a dear friend gave me a silver necklace she made that reads, "It is what it is." And I really appreciated it as she gave it to me. My change only involved moving my overloaded shop and scaling now. Not so bad as I look back at it.

Well. A couple of my least favorite statements are "It was just meant to be." Cringe. And, "It is all in God's hands. Pray." Sorry. I do respect other people's personal spiritual beliefs but I just cannot buy it for me. I must always take action when something is wrong, preferably something hands on.

My Dad, man of many words, but not a philosopher by trade said, "God gave you a garden but you gotta pull your own weeds." Amen.

And, sometimes I need a reminder. My bedroom has not been painted since I moved in this house 17 years ago and it needed it then. There are many stacks of things in my house, some mine and more I like to say, belonging to my husband. Those things will move and look great somewhere else given the time to sort through them. Maybe later? As for the bedroom? Who cares at this point what color we paint it. We should just do it. So much for hgtv.

I admire people who do things, move things and get rid of things. I think I would like to join them some day. Probably tomorrow.

I think the key words must be time, initiative, priorities and change.

Somethings we cannot change. When a loved one dies, that is it. It is what it is. But somethings we can change given the time and ambition.

My friend Susan, in Costa Rica showed me an picture album with her old back yard in Tulsa about one mile from my house. It was so lovely, a friend asked to get married in her back yard and she showed me the photos. Lovely. I look out my back door. Probably not on the list of favorite places to get married. And now she and Tom have created another beautiful spot, yes even for weddings including their own, in Costa Rica. Guess I am running a little behind on the yard work,

I sometimes think, "If I could just take a week off and stay home." and then I think, "Hmm, got a week off, let's go somewhere."

It must again prove life is not so simple. It is not "it is what it is" and it is not " or is it." It must just be where we put our priorities and how we respond with action or not.

Just thinking on a rainy day in Tulsa now let's go make pots.

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