Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Year Has Passed Since the Big Move!

A friend pointed out that we had to move out of the "big shop" a year ago on labor day. "You know," she said, "You did not want to move." Well, I guess I never really thought about it that way. I just knew I had to do it.
Another friend said today about her 5 year old just starting kindergarten and always wanting everything that her Mom used to say, "What you want and what you get may be two very different things. They say people in hell just want a cold glass of water and they don't get that either."
It was really hot when we were moving last year. Usually we could get a cold drink of water.

How do we even know what to want? The scary thing is we might get what we want and we don't know what we should want. What if you get what you want?

Maybe I have never wanted enough and have always been to happy with what I have. Is it true that life gives us what we ask for? I have friends with big houses, fancy cars, nice shoes and expensive hair. They expect it and therefore they get it. Does life hand us what we expect out of it? Do we set our own standards?
I don't know. This could all be a bunch of bologna.

I want less. Less stuff. I am once again trying to scale down, rearrange and get rid of the extra crap. It was so nice to work in a big empty studio with no clutter. So, one year later I am reanalyzing my stuff. Less is more, more space.

Please let the economy get well soon. Having been gone teaching for a month, my shop is suffering now. People are out of the habit of dropping by. So I am working on my commissions and beginning to work on fall fair items and straightening a bit.

A year. A year has passed. The weather is lovely making it fun to be in my garage space. I dread the cold and I just try and appreciate where I am and how lucky I am to have my own space. I may not be making any cash but I am still in business. Nearly the last one on the block standing, I am thankful and try to be careful what I wish for.

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