Saturday, November 14, 2009

Are You Looking for Brookside Pottery, Linda Rimstidt Coward, Tulsa Oklahoma? Classes, gallery and supplies

Just in case you have lost me and are looking for Brookside Pottery, I am making this simple post on my blog.
Some of my customers think lost me or think I have gone out of business after I moved from 3710 South Peoria. So this is a simple way for you to find me if you have googled my business.

Where am I?
I am not located in the alley behind where I used to be, right behind Locker's Hair Salon, across from channel 2 in Tulsa. The actual address is 1138 D East 37th Street. I am down the alley off the parking lot in a garage at the end of the building. It is easy to find me if you turn west off South Peoria on 37th Street and look around the parking lot.

What are my crazy hours?
Hours: Seems like I am there all the time. I run late and stay late.
The official hours are Wed.-Fri for 12-5
And open the 1st and 3rd Sat of every month

Don't let that fool you. I am there a lot more and I teach on Tues and Wed nights as well as tutor on Monday afternoons. And I have to have some more worktime as well.

What kind of shop am I?
The shop is a working pottery studio, I teach classes, host birthday parties, scout groups and just about any kind of get together.
I also sell clay, tools, glazes and equipment.

How can you reach me for an appointment or more info?
My shop phone is (918) 747-7574 and my cell is (918) 697-6364
or you can email me at (00 are numbers not letters)

I have been a potter for about 36 years and located in Tulsa for 19 years.

I hope this post helps if you are one of my customers that thinks I have disappeared.
I will be harder to find in Jan and Feb because my shop has no heat or air conditioning. If it gets real cold, I will be open by appointment only.

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