Thursday, November 5, 2009

Garden Deva Show Invitaion to all Art Lovers! Please come!

Here it is the best art show in Tulsa! Spread the word and come! No entry fee! Great art, music and refreshments. Support your local artists! I'll take pictures tomorrow and try to interview a few artists as well. See you there! I have a booth too!
Friday, November 6th - 11am to 8pm (fire dancers start at 7:30!)
Saturday, November 7th - 10am to 6pm
YRaffles every day!
Free to enter, bring a friend!
OVER 35 ARTISTS: Joe Staskal - ceramics, Angie Bovaird - jewelry, Elaine Emmons - beaded pillows, Maggie Connolly - jewelry, Suzi Swinford - ceramics, Kay Blanchard - painting, 3 Peas in a Pod - soaps& lotions, Zebanda - Indian fiberworks, Twisted Buckle - jeweled buckles, Eric Baker - metal & glass sculptures, Mary Little Lamp - knits, Mel Cornshucker - ceramics, Veronica Perkins - jewelry, Donna Prigmore - jewelry, Terri Higgs - silks, Angela Elliston - painted wood plates, Anna Veronesi - chair massage, Sunita Sitara - tarot & numerology, Jayne Scott - jewelry, Margareta Grill - pewter works, Nancy Parke - knits, Suzanne Anderson - hand sewn jackets, Clear Creek Lavender - soaps & lotions, Linda Coward - ceramics, Terry Fadem - knits, Of Earth - herbal teas & essential oils, Cathryn Thomas - ceramics, Paper Lotus - cards, magnets & tags, Margee Aycock - paintings, Leroy Anderson - jewelry & gourds, Tile Diva - mosaics, 4 Brooks Design - concrete designs, paintings & photography, Archana Gupta - jewelry, Sharyl Landis - beaded paintings, Caryn Cox - mosaic buckles, Kim Whiting - collages, Pam Case - feng shui, Molly Seay - paintings, Traci Cole - funky files, Lori Randell - hand sewn clothes, Urban Gardener (Sat. only) - plants
Musicians to play:
On Friday - Dianna Burrup, Ray Rodgers, Jacob Tovar, Susan Herndon, Jared Tyler, Wheat Penny, drummers with the fire dancers
On Saturday - Monica Taylor, Scott Aycock, Jane Duenner, Steve Lidell, Travis Fite, Loose Bricks, Gogo Plumbay

Garden Deva Sculpture Co. 592-3382

317 S. Trenton Avenue
on Trenton between 3rd and 4th Streets

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