Saturday, January 2, 2010

Big Horn Sheep Pots

Sold and out the door before I got picture of them glazed. They were a dark brown clay with a shiny brown and tan interior. Stoneware and stronger than the Mexican version. Very silly and very one of a kind. Small ones are about $25, Medium are $35 and Large are $45, plus shipping and handling. And I can make even larger ones for $60 up to be used as outdoor planters. Special orders welcome!

This is a Glitzie girl still available. I only have this one available now. She was hiding and shy and maybe a bit glamorous for an ever so earthy big Horn Sheep kind of Girl. She is 9 inches wide from nose to tail and 6 inches tall.

I sit in my very cold studio still wanting to make pottery even though it is 37 degrees in here! I will have to play Little House on the Prairie just like I do with my little 8 year old student. I am Ma and she is Mary. Her twin sister who take painting somewhere else, not pottery, is in fact, Laura. When we have to throw the thicker slip water over the fence we call that watering the horses in the winter on the prairie even though Tulsa in no way resembles the prairie except for wind and cold.

I have always felt very inspired by Mexican, African and Native American pottery. Those were my influences in grad school some 3o years ago. I love the Mexican goat pots and found myself making a variation of them creating my Big Horn Sheep pots. After a trip many years ago, seeing Big Horn sheep at and around Big Bend Nat'l Park, I starting making my Big Horn Sheep pots. They are fun and silly. They help liven any party with the small ones holding salsa and the big ones a large bag of chips. I don't make them all the time. With the encouragement of others I decided to make some this year for Christmas.
I still have one who is a bit glitzy and not as earthy as most. "She" stimulated a special order for a couple of smaller ones and I made a couple extras as I usually do when I have a commission. As soon as their feet (hoofs) hit the table they were all gone, out the door. I just realized I don't even have a picture of them complete so glitzy will have to show how they look finished.
Maybe I will make some more soon if the shop ever gets warm enough to stick my hands in the clay.
Usually my pots reflect my environment. I came across the poster of the big horn sheep and realized that is kind of how I feel today. Thick, strong, I can take the cold as I stand my ground here in this shop or on the rock. Just bring it on Old Man Winter. Mother Earth is here!

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