Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pottery Class, Scout Badges, Birthday Parties and Tutoring at Brookside Pottery, Tulsa

A new beginning class has just started at Brookside Pottery.
The class meets on Tuesday evening from 6:30-9, lasts 6 weeks, fee $150 plus materials. (materials run about $45 and includes clay, tools and firing).
Please note: my studio is a fair weather studio and during the winter's coldest months we have to delay the class. The shop is heated with space heaters and below 45 temps make it to cold to work. The rest of the year it is no big deal. So we must remain flexible with when we can meet.

A more advanced group meets on Wed. nights for the same fee and same price.

See info below for general info:

Brookside Pottery is here to help you learn the art of handbuilding and throwing clay. We make both utilitarian and sculptural creations.

Who? All interested persons who need help learning the basics of pottery making. I have the knowledge, equipment and space to make this fun. Over the past 35 years all ages have come to Brookside Pottery to make pottery and have been surprised what they can create with good instruction.

Where? Brookside Pottery is now located at 1138D East 37th Street, down the alley off 37th Street. It is a small creative studio with a garden outside complete with a picnic table for refreshment time.

When? Work time can be arranged individually. We can meet during your regular meeting time or on weekends at your convenience. Day or night, we are flexible. For an additional fee I can come to your regular meeting space although the real studio experience is fun and recommended.
The class usually lasts from one to one and a half hours including refreshment time.

Fees and alternative ways to learn about pottery: Special group rates for scouts, home schoolers, parties etc: One overall $25 instruction fee and $20 per person includes clay, materials and firing. Students may return a second time for only $10 for glazing finished projects. There are several options for the second projects.
Private tutoring for 1-3 students is $25 per hour per person.
Regular classes are $25 per person per week plus materials and usually meet 4-6 times, once a week.
Open studio: $25 plus materials time to be arranged.

For more information or to schedule a meeting time call:
Linda Coward, Brookside Pottery
1138D E. 37th Street
Tulsa, OK 74105

747-7574 work
697-6364 cell

Thank you for supporting your local potter!

Materials to take home for the enthusiastic ones!

25 pound bag of clay=25 baseballs $19.00
1/2 bag $10
1/4 bag $6

Basic pottery tool kit $17.95

or buy tools individually as needed
Needle tool $2.19
Wire $2.49
Various loops $2.49 up
Chamois $1.00
Brushes $3.00 up
and much more available as well
Glazes run $8 up per pint

Firing fees:
$1.00 an inch in the longest direction of the pot ($2.00 minimum firing fee)
Small beads etc must be placed in a fireable bowl.
All pots must follow the rules of good pottery craftsmanship and cannot be thicker than 1/2 “ and show no signs that they might blow up as determined by Linda. Pots will be handled carefully but we cannot be responsible for pots surviving firing or handling.
Fired pots must be picked up within 2 weeks after being fired.

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