Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Art of Barbeque Tulsa

America and meat! It is a man's world cooking Barbeque overnight.

Vera, Jim and their newest Grand baby brave the heat at Tulsa's Art of Barbeque.

No one on Friday night left hungry. Every kind of barbeque was devoured.

The smokin' machines were spotless and beautiful pieces of equipment.

Grandpa Jim feeds his little Grand baby who dances while she eats.

A fun cause, Tulsa Arts and Humanities Council and great barbeque. My dear sweet student and her husband invited me and John to join them Friday night to a great taste treat the night before the big competition. So, it sounded like a great idea to me to jump off the Weight Watchers band wagon. Two competitors joined forces and food and we were invited to eat and sample with them. It was delicious and I did not need to eat for 2 days after that.
After going through the food line I looked down at my bulging plate, realizing I just took a small bite of each meat and wow. The plate had as much meat on it as I eat in a few weeks. Yes, dear God, I ate it all. The clean plate strikes again. There was a lot of walking around the event and to and from the car. I confess, I would have to walk for a week to make up the difference and of course with my sweet tooth, I had dessert as well. Tomorrow is a new day for the diet department and actually, after stuffing myself it was not so difficult to return to my diet.
There were 75 contestants and my friends came out number 13 in chicken and I think 17 overall. They were proud! And they made great food. And, it helps support the arts council and there many wonderful projects. I enjoyed making unique pottery trophies for this event for several years.
Good food and good art! What could be better?

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