Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Have Clay will Travel (and teach.)

I going to teach until August 20th with limited access to internet.

I really want to go.

I will be back and continue with good stories about you and creativity.

I am about to embark on a new adventure. I have been invited to teach for a month in a camp in the Poconos. It will be fun, exciting and intense as I work quickly to teach 7th grade and above to throw on the potter's wheel and take home a lovely pot in about 3 tries. I hope I can teach them to have great confidence in their creativity and to enjoy the process as well.

So, as much as I want to write every day I am there, I don't think I will be posting anything except for on my phone and that is difficult. I am sure to have wonderful experiences to write about, not mentioning names or where I really am for privacy sake as I agreed by contract. But, I will relay eventually the joy of learning and other enlightening and positive experiences.

I will keep a journal and write more later, asap. This will give me time to work on book, write creatively, eat a lot of salad and exercise. My new diet plan, go to camp.

It should be lovely. I know I will enjoy it once I get there. I am cramming a month of stuff in my suitcases and leave early in the morning. I will be there until Aug 20th. So please if you regularly read me, come back and don't forget me.

I am a traveling pottery teacher and enjoying each adventure. What a great experience. Travel, teach and write. Kind of reminds me of the "go west" days when teachers used to come to the students for limited periods of time.

And, this could be an interesting new career. I can teach in new positive environments, after looking closely to see that we have the same attitude and goals. Have clay will travel! Why not? And what a great way to teach. Learn clay in your own studio with a private teacher with 35 years of experience. I love to teach and inspire and show others how to find their own creative spirit.

Back as soon as possible.

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