Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am so rich, I just ain't got no money honey!

Sometimes I just wish we could trade all the time for things we need and everyone would play fair and we would all get what we want in a fun way. My friends all know I still suffer from that 60's thing and have a hard time asking a good price for my pots, taking it too personally. If someone likes it I would love to just be able to give it to them. I gotta get over it someday. Maybe it also because I like my job, artist-potter and maybe I am a hopeless romantic.

A friend wrote me the other day and told me a former classmate said how interesting my life is and she likes reading my posts. I consider that a real compliment. Hmm. I told my husband and he said, "See there!"
Of course I try and keep life hopping. I would not have it any other way. My kids know almost they worst thing they can say to me to irritate me is, "I'm bored!" It is all I can do to not say back, "Well then it is your own damn fault. Grab a piece of paper and write or draw." Good Moms set good examples and say it another way so I refrain.

When I teach little kids and talk about being a potter lots of times I get the question, "Are you rich?" I always say,"Yes, I just don't have any extra money. But my life is very rich."

When I was little, I knew life could be special if you make it that way. I always thought you could have whatever you want if you work hard enough. Then, I decided that was wrong. And then my friends convinced me that was right. They told me, being a lawyer and having a big house was not what I wanted. I got what I want and was not willing to pay the price to be a lawyer because I did not want to be a lawyer or anything else that requires panty hose on a regular basis. I have art and travel and a lot of freedom. But I do stay in cheap hotels.

My zest for life and adventure started early. My friend and I started the Rimsey theatre in our backyards. We put on plays, charged admission, gathered every willing kid in the neighborhood. I advertised bike races I organized on bulletin boards at school, we had great restaurants in my back yard with great service growing up. I even wrongly thought at one point growing up that I wanted to be an airline stewardess so I could fly everywhere. That idea dissappeared when I realized it would be similar to being a waitress in the sky.

I made secret paths in long grass in a field next to the Ohio river. Every empty shed on my Uncle's farm became a studio, a house or something special. I loved jumping into the wheat wagons as well and building tunnels with hay in the barn.

Bored, never. Rich well yes and no. Happy and entertained, yes.

A son of a palm reader, and that is not a curse word, once read my palm and said, "You will never be rich but you will always have enough." Not bad.

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