Thursday, August 27, 2009

Linda Coward's New Angel Ideas and Inspiration soon to come.

A special order complete for Karen Keith barely fits in the kiln.

Based on an original concrete idea from below Mexico, this piece serves as a birdbath outside. It was a challenge in clay because of the original thickness and size of the design. It had to be fired sitting on a half shelf and hanging over.

This photo shows the original broken figure and a mock up which stimulates the ideas for my new angels.

Oops, so I never blow up anything, or had not blown up anything in about 25 years. The new figure was sitting there when I closed the lid of the kiln. I looked in the kiln after several weeks of work and 2 months drying and pow- nothing but clay shards, Was it damp or was there a secret air pocket I forgot about. I feared opening the kiln but it survived with no harm done. Another reason to have a top of the line L&L kiln. And of course, I happen to sell them as well. Months of work, gone. Luckily hardly anything in the kiln was damaged. I heard it pop while firing and did not sleep well that night fearing the worst damage to the kiln and the work of others I was firing with it.

I cannot wait to get started on this years new angel idea. I am hope I still have lots of familiar customers who want to collect them as well. As you may know, I come up with a new angel design every year based on something that happened from the new year.

So Karen Keith brought me a garden piece made from concrete that had broken in her back yard and asked me if I could remake it in clay. It took several tries and many months and finally I got it. The original design from from somewhere south of the border. She did not remember exactly where it came from. I loved the design and form and decided to take it on even though it had a lot of challenges from forming to firing.

Now I want to reinterpret it in clay as a holiday angel who will sit on the edge of a shelf and hold a candle as well. I will make it in at least a couple of sizes and add wings with gold tips and an area for a candle. I may reinterpret the form as one, two or three figures at a time. I cannot wait to get started but have to wait until next week for my arm to heal a bit more.

I will have these in process on line over the next couple of months and you can write or call to order one or two. Can't wait to make these happen. Watch and see. I am excited to share these ideas and make these angels soon. Such a new design!

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