Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What do you mean "rest"?

Roxy Paine's stainless steel trees on top of the Met in NYC, just like in the yard of the contemporary museum in Fort Worth. The view overlooks Manhattan. Wow.

Trees in Central Park in NYC

Waterfall on the Deleware River in the Poconos where we slipped out for breakfast one morning.

Well, well, well. So I go to the arm doctor and my super woman strengths have worked against me. I am not wimping out but, I gotta rest my arm for 5 days. The doctor was a real sweetheart of a knowledgeable man so I really ought to do what he says. It is just not easy to STOP.
After 35 years and many pots and lifting clay on a daily basis there may be a rotary cuff problem, maybe. Maybe I should not have unloaded 5,000 pounds of clay in one week but it was fun while it lasted.
There is a bone spur and arthritis and maybe an aggravated rotary tear or something. But first there is the cortisone shot and 5 days of not making stuff to see if that will suffice. So I agreed to not throw and begged to hand build. No, not even using a rolling pin is OK. Otherwise there will be a scheduled MRI and outpatient surgery might follow. Hummph.
The brain starts clicking quickly. How about pinch pots, painting, writing, reading? Well there is always cleaning so that is on the list anyway.
How can a person who just helped throw 700 pots or so in camp with kids just stop? Why is that person surprised to find herself sitting in the doctor's office?

It is all about balance isn't it? And it also gives me more time to write and plan. OK. Sunday it is back to serious arm use!

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