Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pottery Class Starts again at Brookside Pottry, Tulsa

We are getting ready to have a good time making pottery again with new classes at Brookside Pottery.

These are the most recently scheduled classes and of course I will do spontaneous get togethers, scout troops, birthday parties, ladies night out, parent/child classes and most recently Bunko groups as well.

The next beginning class starts Tuesday, Sept 1st from 6-9:30 pm. The cost is $150 for 6 weeks plus materials about $38. You will learn the basic hand building techniques, glazing and more.
Dress comfortably, trim those nails and bring something to drink. I have the tools and clay you need. I demonstrate a new technique every night and you can monkey see monkey do or if you have I particular project in mind using the basic technique of the evening we will make it happen.

The class is full of a lot of information and is a lot of fun. You can work and socialize as much as your heart desires. You won't be bored and you will learn a lot.

I think there is one space available as of Sunday Aug 30th.

Another class:
Intermediate to Advanced Students will begin the Wed after labor day from 6-9:30. The class fee is the same $25 each time we meet and there is an additional firing and glazing fee determined by the amount of pots you produce. There are two spaces left in this class as of Aug 30th.

Open Workshop
Punch cards with work time at the shop, designed for those with big ideas and the know how to produce will be available after labor day. The fee is $25 and the card can be purchased in multiples of two, once to make it and once to glaze it. Work time will be individually arranged. Saturdays are a great time to work this into your schedule.

Looking forward to a busy and productive fall.

For more info call
Linda Coward (918) 747-7574 or cell at (918) 697-6364.

Don't delay, call now!

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