Thursday, August 27, 2009

I miss my friends from Israel

There we were all summer long teaching in the camp in the Poconos and every now and then we got a little break and had some fun. I was only there for four plus weeks but they were there for 8 weeks most of them from Israel, escaping the summer heat, wonderful professional artists and scientists and we had a great time getting to know each other. Some were from Israel, some NYC and Canada. We had a wonderful time and the kids learned from out professional experiences as well. The quality of the staff was terrific and sometimes we got to play a little.

Yaell cools her feet in the Deleware River waterfall. She has done a wonderful painted series about women's feet and taught jewelry at the camp.

up up the steps in the Highpoint State Park Pennacle
we all had sore legs for 3 days

40cent wing night at a local restaurant was a good relief from camp food

sharing ideas and stories

We escaped to the waterfall one morning with bagels for breakfast, getting inspired by the environment for a full days work

the pennacle at High Point State Park

Nadov the hard working instructor, man of fitness and science

Micky the very tallented painting and drawing instructor

Joe, not from Israel, who asked me to relieve him as pottery teacher as he started a new teaching position in Arkansas

Jamie and Matt, she is an actress in NYC and he taught film making.

3 science teachers, Nadov, Michelle and Sarah wait for breakfast

The music teachers 83 year old Mother comes to the waterfall with us chair and all

Sarah, Irit and I wait for lunch in the gazebo

Before we climbed the pennacle and had sore legs for 3 days


A trip to NYC, during one of our 3 days off

"Lilac Toes to all my friends in Israel"
I miss you.


  1. I forgot the most important thing, I miss you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!
    I went to the sea with my son this morning , Very peacefull lot's of water too
    Love Micky

  2. i love your blog.
    i love you, too.