Sunday, October 4, 2009

L&L Kiln on sale at Brookside Pottery Tulsa until Dec. 31st

Liberty Kiln 2 1/2 " brick, easy to use and easy to plug in, fits a dryer plug and usually sells for $1645, now $1345 till Dec. 31st. Get the specks from Great for schools and hobby potters.

L&L Kiln on sale at Brookside Pottery Tulsa until Dec. 31st

I use and sell the very best electric kilns on the market, L&L Kilns. Mine get heavy use and have had very little maintenance. A really important feature that makes all the difference in the world is that the elements are encased in hard brick so they don't fall out and dangle. That saves a lot of money. My studio has no heat and I figured I could use these kilns to heat my studio in the winter when I fire. Wrong. They are made to hold heat and they do a good job! So much for that idea. I love both my L&L kilns. Before I bought them,I figured I wanted to sell and buy Skutt kilns. They are good too but I feel L&L has surpassed them over the last 35 years. And Paragon is cheaper, but you get what you pay for. They are not as durable and economical as the L&L. These are great kilns! I can order one for you and have it drop shipped to your door. Just give me a call and I will help you through it! This is a very easy to use and easy to install version. I own the Easy Fire because it is bigger and the Jupiter as well. This is a great little kiln!

This kiln is on sale for $1345 until Christmas and the furniture is $200 plus shipping For more info call: Linda Coward, Brookside Pottery (918) 747-7574 or my cell at (918) 697-6364.

visit for more technical info about the Liberty Bell Kiln, great for schools and hobbists.

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