Thursday, October 1, 2009

Earthy Weddiing Pots for an Austin Tx Bride

Having lived and worked in a pottery shop in Austin Texas for 4 and a half years this is an especially fun special order. Weddings in Austin are fun and variation is appreciated. It is a sophisticated down home kind of place to be. The arts are strong there and it is a great place to be part of again.

The blue pot is the one Monica saw that she liked in my shop and we based her pots on variations of that pot, about that size. She ordered 16 variations of the tall vase and 6 variations of the pots pictured below.

She also like the black and white raku pot form and wants me to make 6 about twice that size.
A coil will have to be added to make the hole smaller and to keep it earthy.

A few of the 16 pots drying upside down before they are fired. I always make extras. So far I have 19.

This form loves to sink in because of the plasticity of this dark brown clay. I will re-support it tomorrow when it sets up a bit and narrow the hole.

Almost, not quite. But it will be altered and be just fine. This clay was a bit stiff and making my shoulder a bit gimpy not to mention my wrists. Still, it is fun to do.


Several of the finished forms below. More to come!

The soon to be bride lives and goes to school in Boston and will be married in Austin. She came to visit me in my studio and we picked out just what she wanted. It should be a lovely wedding and I believe we have similar taste which makes this special order more fun. She understands the beauty of one of a kind pieces and does not want everything to be the same. These will be lovely on her tables and will make great gifts for her wedding party and will last forever. They are thrown on a potter's wheel and are stoneware which will make them strong and can last forever. Each vase has its own personality and yet they work wonderfully as a group. I will post more as they come out of the kiln in the next week or so.

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