Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Wedding Pottery in the Making

It is fun to make the pottery for this wedding and the bride, Monica, has a great idea. The pottery on the tables will be gifts for the wedding party etc. as well. I think she is planning to put dried flower arrangements in these pots. They should add a lovely earthy and very meaningful touch to her wedding. She has ordered 16 small vases and 6 larger ones with a personal message on the bottom and the date. This is going to be a lovely wedding in Austin and I am giving the bride a couple options for her larger vases. Originally we planned to remake the black and white pot in the picture twice this size but glazed like the shiny brown pots on the right. Yes the 23 ounce bottle is in there for a little more size perspective.

After several attempts to remake this pot and the play being very soft plastic, it kept wanting to collapse in the center. So I chose one of my favorite methods of hand building, building with slabs and coils and recreated a similar feel to the smaller thrown pot.

It will shrink about 10-12 percent

These pots will be the same lovely shiny brown inside and on the rim and the clay will be a chocolate brown and natural on the belly of the pot. The model pot was 1/2 the size and raku fired and hard to duplicate exactly because of the type of clay.

If the bride prefers I have 6 of these pots made for her which are smaller but closer too the shape.

There are the choices smaller and similar in shape or larger and a little different shape. Not all the pots are fired and glazed.

The bride wants 16 of these and more are firing as I write this blog. I made 19 so she will be able to pick and choose.
She has chosen her clay color and glazes as well. She wants a little variety and an earthy look. She is pleased with the vases and I hope she likes the larger hand built pots as well. We will know soon!

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