Monday, October 5, 2009

Wild Women Wear Purple Travel Company! My New Business!

Give me some purple paint and I can make this into a fun traveling school bus.

Can't get it out of my mind. I would love to start a new business called Wild Women Wear Purple Traveling Company. Well, I may have to shorten the name but...
So here is the plan or dream or whatever you want to call it.

Doesn't everybody just love traveling and having a good time? John and I are real "snarfers" and we snarf out every interesting place we can find and be there. We have a tendency to gravitate to bookstores, coffee shops and brewpubs and galleries where ever we go. I got the spirit and energy and he has the reporters nose and the map skills and never forgets any details.

I want a more than comfortable big van to start small for long trips in the US and I think a purple school bus would be nice for closer trips with more people. Everything funky luxury. We never run out of fun places to explore, wine, good cheese and dessert. Main course meals are optional.

John and I can take you to places you did not even know were interesting close by and extend trips from there. Tom and Susan in Costa Rica at VistaValVerde? $30-$40 hotels on the Big Island in Hawaii and free campgrounds on the Big Island and a bus that goes around the Island everyday! San Miguel de Allende in Mexico is fun and so is the Copper Canyon and Zacatecas (very few gringos in Zacatecas). And, who knows, I still want to go to Japan and found out a year or so ago I have a cousin there who owns a zoo in Tokyo. I want to go back to Italy, Greece and Spain and the Island of Majorca.

How about Santa Fe with the Hot Springs at Ojo Calliente, the magic dirt at the Cathedral outside Espanola. The blue hole in Santa Rosa.
How about bicycles at Big Bend National Park and the little, so called row boat, there that takes you to an isolated Mexican Village just outside the park on the other side of the Rio Grande?

And of course there are lots of fun day trips in OK that most people don't bother to check out like the Wichita Mtns. complete with Meer Burgers, and the panhandle of OK with the highest point, the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve for a picnic and see the bison if you are lucky and more. Art tours in OK, mom and pop restaurants and B&B's along route 66.

OK, it is just a pipe dream. I am thinking about it. Why would I want to take a group with me if I enjoy the freedom of going to these places so much? Cause it is fun and we know how to do it and get there. Could I stand trying to please people all the time. Keep 'em happy? Maybe that is where wine and chocolate come in handy. But I can't stand whiners. Screen the whiners out? Fill out a what if situation application?

I am thinking about this as a new business idea. A group of ladies started a Pink Limo Service in Austin Tx and John's sister rented it with the works for a day around Austin with the works for the whole family complete with a crown for his 80 year old mother. Pink is not my color but Purple will work.

Hmm Let me think about this new ideas. Gotta go make pottery for now.


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