Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Pots for First Opening at Baird Hall Gallery at Rogers State

What a pleasure to be on the faculty at Rogers State and get to participate in the first show in the incredibly beautiful new gallery.  I am continuing to work on my landscape series as I use the clay like a painters canvas. As you can see, these are works in progress.  I am now moving on to wall pieces, round and square, treating the clay even more like canvas.
  Many times I think I want to stop working in clay but I cannot help myself.  I know the martial so well and I love 3-d.  It is so basic.  It helps to literally ground me.
  I love the smell, the way it bends and the glassy surface that always surprise me at the end of the firing.  It is a real pain to lift, to hang around in the dust and to never be finished.  But how can I resist.  The clay calls my name.

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