Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm Home, It's cold after Hawaii!

I made it and I am back in Tulsa.
First Aloha went out of biz then continental thought I was standby (NOT!) and reassigned me a seat and I found a man sitting in that seat with the same seat assignment. I could not see sitting on his lap or visa versa (he was a small man) and they gave me another seat next to a female Walmart executive buyer. The good news after all the hassle, I made it safe and sound after many hours on the plane.
It has taken me more time to adjust to coming home that I expected. It is my second day home and I don't quite feel here yet and I am tired.
I had a great trip and feel inspired to get back to work.
I attended the OVAC studio tour open house tonight at the circle theatre. That happens soon. More about that on this blog soon. Saw lots of friends.
I hear my block is selling at the end of the month and then reality will set in with what happens next. They say they want us here. At what price?
More soon. Glad to be back home.

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