Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Time to Teach Again-Sign up now!

Yes, it is about time to start spring pottery classes. Wanna join? It's fun!

I have several people signed up but there is room for a a few more. It is first come, first serve. A deposit will hold you a spot and you can call it in at 747-7574.

Classes planned so far:

Monday night Beginning Pottery Class, Begins April 28th
Teacher: Linda Coward
$150 plus 40 materials fee
six weeks, one night a week
class size: about 8

Tuesday night "Second Time (or more) Around Pottery Class, begins April 29
Teacher: Linda Coward
$150 plus $40 materials
six weeks, one night a week
class size about 8

Friday Night, Young Singles Pottery Class: A fun project each time you meet, begins May 2nd
Teacher: Ian Coward
$25 plus refreshment each time you attend, $150 for 6 weeks and $40 materials
six weeks, one night a week
Class size may vary
designed for ages 19-29 years old or so
socialize and meet new singles in a pottery class

We also schedule birthday parties, scout groups, wedding showers and other interested small groups for one or two sessions. Call for details.

Any more ideas for us? Call and let us know. It only takes 5 to start a class and classes run from 4-6 weeks generally.

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