Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Call for all Oklahoma Potters

So how are Oklahoma potters and what do you need?

Gary Schwam (hope I spelled his last name correctly) is asking this question. He has a non-profit status and wants to form a significant organization for potters and help give them what they need. He is open to new ideas.
He has a pottery collection and would like to house it somewhere permanently and perhaps collect more potters works for an OK pottery museum. He would like to meet with area potters and hear what they say. So I am sending out this group email as a heads up and to have you all start thinking about it. He is wanting to make a difference in Oklahoma for potters, so if you hear from him, this what is happening.

His heart is in the right place and this could be a chance for us to unite and build a stronger pottery/sculpture/art community.
He needs your names, and other potters email addresses as well.

I want to help him get this project going. If you know more names of potters with their email addresses please send them to We will meet soon so let everyone who is interested know about this first meeting. You might recognize Gary as a plant seller from herb shows and the farmers markets. So think, collect names and tell him if you are interested.

Many years ago, I was Vice President of the state organization, Tennessee Artist Craftsman Association. We worked together and built a strong core to make things happen. We had group shows in big deal buildings downtown with significant amounts of prize money. We brought in nationally recognized artists to lead workshops for us. We had great pot luck dinners where we got to know each other and brainstorm and network. It worked well. In my opinion it is probably time for a potter's guild in Tulsa. It would be nice to have a central location for invitational shows and festivals. And wouldn't an old warehouse with galleries and studios be nice? Those are just a few of my ideas.

Come see me in my new location. Call first if you are in a hurry to make sure I am there.I am into being more productive in less time. You know I have new hours but have the same phone number.
or visit my blog for the latest news

Wed.-Fri 12-5
open 1st and 3rd Sat. 10-4 and by appointment
(918) 747-7574 (W) 697-6364 cell

Please forward this info to your pottery friends.
Thanks, Linda

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