Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pottery Class Begins at Brookside Pottery in Tulsa

Tom Coleman cuts out a handle from a block of clay at his recent workshop at the University of Tulsa. I also sometimes use this same method to make handles and I will show you how in my pottery class. It is easy and fun. Look at these birthing a handle shots. His was extraordinaire.

Yes, it is time to sign up for pottery class again!

No, Tom Coleman is not teaching as you see above. I just wanted to show some more interesting techniques from his workshop.

We are going to start simple with one class, first come, first serve. I will add additional classes as needed. I can only teach 5-6 people at a time and that is what I really prefer. I also have a class at the Phibrook on Thursday nights beginning Oct. 16th. Check their web site under classes or call me and I will get you a brochure with the info. The price is comparable because the materials are included.

Hand building at Brookside Pottery
Tuesday nights from 6-9:30
Starts October 7th
Fee is $150 for 6 weeks
Material $40

We will be hand building in my new shop. I expect several students will be repeating and I will work with you individually to improve your skills.
If we have beginners, we will learn pinching, coiling, slab building and more. We will make masks, plates bowls platters, wind chimes, bowls vases and maybe cups.

It is a great time to make presents for the holidays which helps save money to pay for the class while you discover your creativity.

If we have a lot of beginners sign up, we will start a special Wednesday night class especially for them as well.

If this does not meet your schedule and you have had class with me before, you can sign up for open workshops on Saturdays. Sign up for 4 times and come when you please at $25 per session.

Also, students and friends coming to the Raku firing should come and make your pots sometime this Saturday or get them made at home so they will be dry for our firing Oct. 11th.

Remember I also now offer tutoring in your studio. I can help you find your way with the wheel, glazing, understanding how your kiln works etc.

I also still do get togethers for friends, scouts and birthday parties.

Come join the fun!

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