Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Class was fun! Raku is next.

Sherri's new Pottery shop in Leonard Ok where we will Raku this Saturday

My new cozy pottery in Brookside makes a nice place to have class. Everything is really handy and not to far away. That is for sure.
Our object is to be productive and have fun and we are doing that.
Next week we are going to make birds. In these tough economic times, the class can pay for itself by the gifts we make. And, the gifts will feel really special this year because they come with loving care. Yep, we are a small class and that makes it fun for us all. I can only take 5-6 students at a time. That makes for a lot of special attention. I still have room for a couple more students. We have decided to meet on Wednesdays instead of Tuesday

And don't forget, we will Raku at Stone Bluff Pottery this week. Call me or email for more info. It should be fun too. Sherri has opened her new pottery and we will be there to support her. If you have not tried raku firing we will show you how.

Can't wait to see our new pots! Stop by on your way to the winery or come help us fire.
Call first more more details.

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