Thursday, October 2, 2008

Personality vs Policy

Sarah would be fine to have to dinner. Maybe even more pleasant than Biden. She is cuter. She relates more. I trust his judgment more. He is smarter.
I was impressed that she did not goof up but, I agreed with his politics more. Get out of the war with a deadline. Let Iraq pay for it financially and with their lives. We need to find Osama bin Laden and go after those guys.
Her smile is charming but a good soccer mom and a mayor of 7000 is not my pick. Alaska is the 4th smallest state and is smaller than San Antonio.
Only 21% thought she won the debate. She memorized her part very well. Somehow I think of her as a game show host or the conservative one on the View. She is lovely but...did she answer the questions? "Give me an example Sarah after you give me your answers."
Sarah does speak better than Bush. Does that say much? Nobody wants to claim Bush.

Please remember my dear Republican friends, this is not a personal battle between us. I will listen to you too. Part of the beauty of our country is we can differ and discuss it. This is a journal and just my opinions. It is not a personal attack and quite honestly I value my friends more than our opposing political views. I have some great Republican friends and I hope they will forgive me for voicing my opinions. We need moderates on both sides to be a pleasant place to live. This is what we are all about. The melting pot sometimes boils and gets sticky on the sides. Let's not take ourselves too seriously.

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