Monday, October 13, 2008

Having Fun even in our Tough Economy

"Hey, so what is your problem? As a small boy cat I was lost in a drain close to the pottery shop. I could not get out because my paw was injured. Rachel Coward heard me crying and I was stuck in that God awful place for a couple of days.
She and Linda tried to get me out and finally after a kind of 911 call the city sent out three trucks and a bunch of guys and an air gun. He blew me into a corner under the street, grabbed me with thick gloves, stuck me in a box head first and handed me to Rachel. I was scared to death and thankful at the same time.
Now I have a life of luxury. So see? We all get scared sometimes but we usually end up standing on all four paws right? And now, I am thinking about taking a pottery class from Linda. She says I am more creative than I realize. And she will help me come up with ideas and show me how to make a few Christmas gifts. A few of my friends would appreciate a handmade food bowl and if not I will keep it myself." Nellers

My Grandmother said the depression came and went and she was never able to tell the difference.

The fortune teller told me I would never be rich but I would always have enough. (I have noticed enough really varies.)

Another friend told me to get all credit cards to a 0% stable bank or else?

Another friend told me if Obama wins, we will all be forced to be Muslim and wear scarves over our heads and have higher taxes. (I will pretend like I never heard him say it and continue being his friend and remain a failed Unitarian.)

Basically, I am pretty happy anyway and still have too much stuff.

So what could be fun these days? I admit, my purse strings are a bit tight too. But I have lower overhead, less business and more time. It is time to have a good time!

So, as I was laying on the acupuncture table full of needles and daydreams I started thinking. Hmm. Could I afford to temporarily lower a class fee to help people make special Christmas presents? There must be a way. Work smarter, not harder. Hmm. anyone interested in Saturday morning short workshops? They would meet on the days I am there anyway, first and third Saturday mornings from 10-12 and a different session from 2-4 if we have too many students. I will come up with simple projects and teach a 2 time session for a little less time, making it affordable from my point of view. Usually my classes are 3 and a half hours.

Two hour class for $20 instead of $25 for 3and a half hour class. Sign up for two at a time=$40. Plus, pay for as much clay as you use and buy just a few tools (less $ for the material fee) and pay .50 an inch for firing and $2 for glazing each pot. The class could be for all ages, all levels, and should pay for itself as you make your own quality Christmas gifts.
Class is limited to 6 students at a time.

I will post an official list on the blog soon with a list of projects we will complete.

I love to make things happen and our small purses should not keep us from making art.

OR come join me in my new class at the Philbrook starting this Thursday! It should be fun too.
Call the Philbrook or look on line for more info. Or, call me and I will help you with those numbers.

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