Monday, June 15, 2009

I Will Not Compain About the Heat, I Will Not Complain About the Heat....

This is a wonderfully utilitarian bowl I made in Costa Rica and brought home to keep. Tonight I cut a wonderfully ripe avocado for supper and served it from this bowl. Lovely and delicious. A bowl like this runs about $15. And, it is a great size for soup and cereal as well.

Air conditioning is a relatively new thing, right? I said I would not complain about being warm after freezing this winter. Well, I may have to change the shop hours in order to survive the heat and I am not complaining. If it is going to be above about 93 I will have to work early morning hours and if I have the energy, evening hours as well. It just makes sense. It was 98 on my car thermometer today and the studio was about 94. Sweat was pouring down my back most of the afternoon in the shop on my day off, so to speak, but it was not too bad. My hair got kinky and my bra was steaming but I was not cold. So I will work tomorrow and keep the fan blowing on me the whole time, I hope. I am not complaining.
It was not so long ago that there was less deodorant and more heat. Hmm. What a sensual experience, kind of.

The glass remains half full, not half empty. I slept most of Sunday recouping from last week. If I work in a more primitive studio I gotta go with the flow and slow down.

The glass remains half full. I see the birds in the mud puddle bathing because of the two days of rain. I am watching the sparrow flying to her nest feeding her babies all day. They are surviving this year. I have managed to slow the traffic beside my alley door, for safety and dust control putting my sign in the alley with an official looking orange cone. People are finding me slowly but surely even though it is still hard to make ends meet. The building has not sold and the rent has not gone up. I think I can. I think I can.

I still have special orders and regular customers and soon I will post photos on line of my work for sale. The new art and flower garden is slowly coming into place and we will have our get togethers soon. I have to find someone with a truck or trailer and 20 minutes to help me move my picnic table from home to shop. My community of friends continues to surprise me with their generosity of time, energy, plants, fence and more and the flowers left behind are popping up in the same spirit.

Now if I can just turn my hours around and work early and take that afternoon siesta.

I am ready to take the challenge of the hot afternoons now. I think I can!

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