Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What to do in Tulsa? How about a Pottery Class?

My wonderful friend and student Vera Ballew brought her grandchildren and family by to make a few pots. Every age can enjoy making pots from real clay, not molds, It is fun and orginal!

It is time to start a new class at Brookside Pottery in Tulsa. It is fun and you get the basics and will discover creativity you never knew you had and have a really good time at the same time.

Beginning handbuilding
Meets every Tuesday night for 4 weeks starting June 30th.
The class is on going and you sign up for 4 at a time. Occasionally in the summer we skip a week or you may have a vacation plan as well. We do our best to stay flexible in the summer and skip every now and then

Time 6:30-9:30pm
Cost $100 ( $25 each time we meet) and a one time fee of $40 for materials.

What you will learn. The basics. Pinching, coiling, building with slabs and hollowing out clay and combining those methods. I demonstrate a new technique every week and you can monkey see monkey do or choose a project of your choice to learn the new method of building.

How to join? Class size is small 5-6 persons at a time so space is limited. Call me or email and put down a $50 deposit and that will hold a space for you.

Phone (918) 747-7574 or (00 are numbers not letters)

I will call or email you and confirm a space in the class just for you.

Just off 37th street in the alley behind Lockers Hair Salon. Come find me! We even have an art garden now!

When? If we have enough confirmed students we will begin June 30th.

Private lessons are available, birthday parties and scout groups and assorted other get togethers as well. Call for more info.

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