Wednesday, June 24, 2009

These Pots Belong in Santa Fe

Unfinished pots waiting in Tulsa for bright turquoise and indigo blue and browns inside.

Very large bowls waiting to be fired with earth surfaces. They will wait until I return.

Castile Blue enormous bowl. Complete and waiting for a home. about 12" high and 18" wide

"I don't belong in Santa Fe! I am a voo doo deva inspired by a visit to New Orleans about 15" high and ready to be in a garden year round to scare away slugs!"

Garden Angel sold to collector recently for $125.
About 20" tall.

I sit in the motel enjoying being in Santa Fe. It always feels right. I love the galleries, the cool summer weather, the good food and the general environment. We have a funky little motel decorated in the route 66 style and it feels wonderfully alternative.
Before I left, I made a few pots in the spirit of Santa Fe. They are glazed and waiting in my kiln at home to be fired when I return. I think they belong in Santa Fe and I would like to find a gallery to show my work.
I am posting these unfinished photos and will post the finished work when I get back. They will reflect the colors of Santa Fe when complete.
And right before I left I had a lovely lady come to my shop who collect angels and she purchased the angel above for her collection. The face on the angel looks both like my daughter Rachel as a child and an angel I saw on the facade of a church in England. I am glad it found a home to a lady who really appreciates it. It always feels good to sell some sculpture.

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