Monday, June 22, 2009

Swimming in the Blue Hole, Santa Rosa NM

We were perhaps the craziest as well as the oldest people swimming in the blue hole secret swimming spot on the way to Santa Fe. It is as seen in the sign, 61 degrees year round and sometimes it feels colder when it is 98 degrees outside as you hop in the very cold water. It is a terrifically local unspoiled spot full of local kids and families. We jump in every chance we get as we drive across the country. It feels great once you get in but it really does take your breath away the first few minutes.


  1. Hi Linda, great post! My family and I have planned a road trip to durango and plan on stopping by Santa Rosa to swim in the crystal blue, cold water of Blue Hole. I wanted to ask you, how much is it to swim there? I know it's $8 for a diving permit and was wondering if it's the same to swim.

  2. Thank you for the information in advance, and best wishes from the great state of Texas! Mat & Julia Parker