Monday, June 15, 2009

Photos of Kids Working in Clay at Rt 66 Festival Sapulpa

Thank you Vera Ballew for taking these photos as we made pots in the street in Sapulpa Ok during the Route 66 festival. The wind was blowing like crazy but it did not keep these kiddos from making pottery with me. The made pinch pots with interesting textures and told me all about their lives at the same time. You never know how this will affect their lives later. Most likely someone will want to make pots again. It is great to watch them discover clay and interesting to hear their life stories. Occasionally we had to jump up and catch the tent. Waterstreet Art Gallery paid me a little to make pots with them all day. I think those kids really need more clay activities in school. They could have made pottery all day. I was pooped at the end of a very rewarding day.

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