Sunday, February 7, 2010

Katy Loves To Throw, Brookside Pottery Tulsa

I remember when Katy was born. She was a tiny twin. Now she is a vivacious 8 year old. She is lucky to get to be tutored in clay every week. Even when the shop is cold, Katy wants to come to pottery class. Yes Katy plays Little House on the Prairie with me and that involves working in the slightly cold pottery shop and throwing our clay water out to the imaginary horses at the end of class. Katy has a vivid imagination and works hard at her clay work and occassionaly gets in little trouble at home for creating clay studios maybe where she should not. She has decided it is worth it.
Katy's energy is high and she does both hand building and throwing. She shows a lot of independence and like to do things her way lots of times. Most people won't let 8 year olds throw but we do it anyway and she loves it. She loves the thrill of the clay spinning in her hands and sometimes we get traditional pots and sometimes unique pieces of sculpture. Anyway, we are having fun and I love teaching her on a one to one basis.

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