Friday, February 19, 2010

Oil lamps for a Tahlequah Christian Church

Additional pottery pieces added to the church collection.

Oil lamp sits on small coaster.

I always make extras and this "extra" splash of glaze made this one a little different than the rest. Most likely I will keep this one and it will be for sale. You must keep the wick especially close to the opening hole and use ultra pure oil so the lamps will not smoke. Some weep a tiny bit oil at the bottom, and we never know which ones will do it until they are used. That is why I recomment sitting every one on a small saucer just in case. And lamps should never be left unattended. Handle with care.
Plate or patten for communion bread.

Several years ago I made several communion pieces for a Christian Church in Tahlequah OK. They contacted me a while ago and asked if I could add a few more pieces to their collection. I was glad to do it and wish I had a list of every church who has and used my communion sets.
I named a blue glaze after Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Tulsa. It is Virgin Mary Blue.
One day Father Eishoff (terribly misspelled and no hope of figuring it out for now) came into my shop and said, "I need a big foot washing bowl, a giant platter for the towels, and two enormous pitchers for the foot washing ceremony and I want them on Virgin Mary Blue."
Virgin Mary Blue? I thought. Hmmm. Being the Unitarian that I am I did not know what color that was. After a trip to Italy and several religious paintings later, I figured it out. So in an attempt to figure it out I mixed 7 new shades of blue and let Father E. pick it out and named it Virgin Mary Blue. I also had named the other Saint Mary's Blue # 1, #2, #3 etc.....

At another point in my career I hosted several Presbyterians in my shop for a night of demos, bean dip and a show just for them. Several Ministers came to my shop and I had made quite an array of plates and goblets, referred to as chalices and pattens in the religious world. They purchased several and sent some around the world to their sister churches. If only I had photos and lists. Too late. And, that was before I owned a digital camera. It is still a sin for potters not to keep photographic records of their work. Sins should be mentioned in this particular blog post, don't you think?

So, at last I have more work for the Tahlequah Church and they will be coming to pick it up soon. Another special order complete. Amen.

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