Friday, February 19, 2010

Tim and Andy produce a big vase for the Mom.

Tim and Andy hold a big vase they created for their "Mom." They pressed in their hands with a heart in the middle and each chose their own textures to go with it, all made with tender loving care with Mom in mind, Later, they chose their own glazes as well as we tied the design together.

Hand in hand these fellows produced, with a little help from me. They swapped ideas and worked together well spending quality time together and having fun.

I had a call from Tim Baker who owns a fantastic restaurant called Sonoma Bistro and Wine Bar in the Brookside area of Tulsa. Even during his busy Valentines season he made the effort to spend quality time with his son. He wanted to do a clay project with his 5 year old son for his wife. We thought and planned a big vase for fresh flowers. It was big and certainly not a project for novice potters but we did it any way. I knew we could pull it off if I helped guide them through the whole process. We did it and they were proud. And, it created great memories for Dad and son.
I am doing more special tutoring in my small shop. It is fun and I really get to know the people I work with. They are amazed at how rewarding it is to create one-of-a-kind quality art works. It is great to share talents.

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