Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Generous souls

I am still nesting in my shop. Fall is my favorite season. I finally got back to work and have begun creating for the holidays coming up. I went on my favorite 30 minute bike ride, up the Katie Trail and found my favorite sycamore tree and once again picked the season's largest leaves I could reach. to press into clay. I brought them back to the studio and created several collectible leaf vessels.
I cannot wait to experiment with some new fall glazes. I want to imitate and play with the electric cone 5 shinos. I had only started this idea before I left for Hawaii.
I also started a new angel as I begin to plan for this seasons angels.

Today, my very generous friend Jerry donated several hours of helping me. He helped put up bright lights over my work tables. He is very knowledgeable and loves to talk about art projects, tool making and new ideas. He likes a good challenge.

I met him a few years ago when he came in to purchase some enameling materials and other art materials as well. Over time he brought in several pieces of artwork to show me and I was very impressed with his work. It was very creative in both design and craftsmanship.
After seeing his paintings, I invited him to show them in my shop and really enjoyed working with the paintings in my shop. They sparked a lot of interest and good comments. When I get the chance I will post photos of them on this blog or make a link to his web page. He has a Native American heritage and I love the contemporary nature of his work.

He is very generous with his time and various talents. He helps me build pedestals, hang signs, hang lights, hook up water and is a great friend. He knows a lot about all kinds of materials and has a great deal of patience as well.
He offers help and additional information to my son who is always trying to learn more about sculptural materials. He is a good mentor and understands the young man spirit and the desire to learn.
He has a loving wife and cares for her everyday and is totally devoted to her ever since he met her. What a nice guy. What a generous soul. He makes Brookside Pottery a better place to be.

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