Sunday, May 4, 2008

Art Sudio Questions

I recently sent our an email to many on my mailing list asking for general info on those who may be looking for studio space. We have a terrific studio idea that may come to pass and thsi is the kind of info i need from responsible Tulsa artists. This is in the early planning stages and may or maynot come about. Email me and tell me if you fine this email realtive. So sorry I don't have everyone's email that I wanted to ask these questions. So see what you think.

Hi dear friends and fellow artists,
As most of you know my block has sold and I am in the process of making "space" decisions.
My questions are-
1. Are you interested in renting shared but separate studio space? Like warehouse space? Do you need space now? Can you play well with others?
2. How much space and how much money can you afford for a space? What would you expect the space to offer you?
3. Are you primarily interested in gallery space, work space or both?
4. Have you ever been in a lease for work space before and how many hours would you speculate you could be involved in such a space per week?

Does this idea interest you at all?

Thanks, No obligations on your or my part yet. Linda Coward. Brookside Pottery

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