Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Block has sold

Yes it happened
One of the Allen brothers came in and told us it happened. Living month to month on a rental contract with Brockman Properties for 15 years has finally come to an end. They handed us each 2 letters. One told us where to mail our rent and they are our new landlords and the other talks about people coming in and measuring our shops as they make changes which are still unknown to us.
The rent will increase and probably more than double but we don' t know when. We are all guessing and riding a roller coaster ride of emotions. Stay, go, run, hide, deal, panic and don't worry about it. It is emotionally exhausting. It is no surprise and we are all actually handling it ok considering.
Thank you Mrs Pitcock for being a supporter for artists on our block and making it possible to create such a creative area in Tulsa. You were so good to us.

We still do not know much about what is going to happen.

Part of me wants to go home and work and concentrate only on my own work and do it in the most simple way. But the other part wants to build a fantastic new art center with a wonderful new friend. I am gathering information and thoughts and wisdom from very supportive friends and will know what to do soon.

What can I afford? How much energy do I have to devote to community arts again?

More later after I have thought more and measured the pros and cons.

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